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ABDUCTION and REVENGE-scheduled to be released in July- is the story of a young woman, who after a very hard week is looking forward to attending a party being held at her best friend's condo in Boston. She meets and allows her friend's brother Bob, to drive her home. Bob drops off this young woman at her doorstep.  She's not seen again. Vinnie DeAngelis, a Private Detective is hired to locate her.   He finds that his own past comes back to haunt him and realizes that no one can be trusted, not even the police.  
The story of three murders on two continents. A Priest in Zurich, an Attorney in Arkansas and a Doctor in New Hamphire. An American Private Detective and an Italian Police Officer set out to find not only who murdered these men but why! What they find out involves political intrigue and betrayal.

This is the story of two men, Vinnie, a retired Police Officer and Bernie, an elderly gentleman who served during WW2. Together they try to make sense out of an EMP attack that left not only the power grid down but also planes, cars, ships, communications and medical devices. No one seems to know the reason for the attack or if it was mother nature showing her wrath or an attack from foreign or domestic entities. This book is available through Amazon.com as a Kindle edition.

Vinnie DeAngelis is an aging, semi-retired Private Detective living in the scenic hills of New Hampshire. Carlo Palmeri is a middle-aged Private Detective, with a special knack with the ladies, living in Milan, Italy. These two detectives, although separated by thousands of miles, are close friends and have worked together to solve many cases in the past. This time they are thrown together by the discovery of a young woman’s body floating in Boston Harbor by two men on a leisurely day of fishing.
This case will be a lot more unique than previous cases they have worked on. The woman was an employee of the Italian Embassy. Vinnie and Carlo have been hired to help bring this woman’s family closure. Although both detectives are more than familiar with homicides and people being deceptive, they are also very familiar with political corruption at the highest levels of government. What makes this a unique case, is the client. Their client is the ghost of the murdered young woman.
Coming soon. A Veteran Returns To Vietnam. An e-book about one veteran's return to Nam in 1991 in a quest for answers.